As an artist Lutyens has actively embarked on a more or less consistent search for images that communicate his experience of life. His art works are his representations of ‘Man and his Being in the World today’. They reference life’s experiences and are also imbued with psychological and spiritual content. His engagement with people goes beyond surface appearances; his portraits are highly charged with colour and compelling juxtapositions of shapes which expose both inner fragility and strength.

He shares his observations of children and adults through drawings which reveal a confident fluency with line and space, and an intimacy and direct response to the subject and the moment.

Lutyens’ landscape paintings reiterate that sense of the ‘Here and Now’. He paints without exception ‘plein-air’ and because of that and of his enjoyment of what he sees before him, reveals a moment in time; a passage of light; a sense of continuity embedded within that land.